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Why Us

We expect your business to grow, and as a result we plan for scalability, flexiblity and security. Identification of the right types of technologies incubate leaner and more efficient work environments while enabling employees to be smarter and better at what they do. Our team focuses on cost effective optimization strategies that boost your company’s long term profitability.  


Your business directives and budget require the best technology expertise, advice, and execution. Cobham Tech aligns with your company's vision and goals, placing an emphasis on building long-term relationships through friendly service, excellent quality, and reliable support.  

Network Design
IT Budget Planning
Relocation Services
Extensive IT Support


Maintaining and preserving your digital data ensures your company’s backbone stays strong. Sensitive information must be handled correctly to maintain integrity, prevent deletion, and manage modifications. Cobham Tech provides the correct tools and education that ensure effective storage and data management.

Data Recovery
Integrity Monitoring
Disaster Recovery Planning
On-site/Off-Site Backup Solutions

Computer Maintainance & Repair

Cobham Tech provides fast on-site & remote repair and maintenance as well as pick-up services for computer, workstation and server repairs and maintenance. In addition to hardware replacement and upgrades, we specialize in software troubleshooting including analysis and removal of viruses, adware, and spyware.

24/7 Support
Upgrades & Patches
Diagnostics & System Repair
Hardware & Software Installation


Your company network infrastructure, servers, PCs and peripheral devices play a crucial role in your daily business operation. Cobham Tech removes the challenges companies face related to technology. We provide cost-effective preventive services that monitor and maintain your technology.

Remote Help Desk
Network Maintenance
Active Desktop Monitoring & Maintaince
Microsoft Windows Server Administration


HTML5, CSS3, Responsive design. Clean design and usability of a website increase overall exposure creating positive effects on increased search ranking, brand recognition, and leads. Every website Cobham Tech develops uses the latest web development standards, allowing your website to work seamless across PC, tablet, and mobile devices.

Website Design
Mobile Web Design
Database Development


Cobham Tech identifies on-site and digital weaknesses within your home and business. Our identification process reveals your existing security vulnerabilities allowing you to target and prioritize solutions that improve physical & digital security, protecting your digital data resources and assuring your compliance for various industry audit obligations. We always present various solution options that align with your company's needs – adjusting to your budget and business priorities.

Firewall and IPS
Security Cameras
Virus & Spam Email Protection
Malicious Software & Virus Removal